What sales CRM can do for you?

Streamlined Interface and guaranteed 100% user adoption

Elegant and clean user interface allows web login users to have a quick look at the activity of leads in one single screen. Look of UI can be modified depending upon the type of user like sales manager, marketing executive, customer service agent.

Choice of deployment

can be deployed on multiple platforms such as on premise, on private cloud system. It is also available in Saas model depending on the requirement of clients.

Connect your website with hassle free

Forget about the difficult language of coding and manual entry of data. Just integrate your website's 'contact us' page/form with and potential leads will automatically generate. ensures seamless working with client's website.

Import/export of leads in minutes

Whether your leads' details is stored in excel sheets or Gmail, you can import/export them in to keep track of all your customer information in one place within a time span of few minutes.

Mastering the art of 'follow up' with

Yes, creating 'follow ups' for significant leads, accounts, contacts or prospects is no more a difficult task. Now, keeping track of all their activities and updates can be done in real time, which helps in identifying inactive records and cold prospects as well.

Intelligent distribution of leads

Apart from admin distributing leads to sales representatives, round robin lead distribution can be carried out as well to selected or multiple users.

Prioritize sales activity for your team

With features like quick integration of Google calendar with calendar, scheduling of appointments and sending follow up alerts ensures your sales team remains in top form to deliver guaranteed results.

Drive quick lead response

Leverage a plethora of lead routing options so that assignment /distribution of leads can be done on the performance of sales rep, which will enhance sales performance with ease.

Swift handling of existing leads

Route newly assigned leads to the users and delivering an instant notification, ensuring more productive sales conversation rates.

Monitoring sales team performance

will make it easy and quick for the management to measure the ROI of sales rep by keeping a close track of their daily activity.

Enhancing team collaboration

Creation of 'associated user' helps carrying out a follow up task in the absence of the assigned sales rep.

Gaining deep insight into sales funnel

With ready access to sales intelligence, visibility into the key performance indicators (KPIs) by individual, team and campaign can be checked and reviewed, which helps measure the sales conversion rate.

Creating multiple user hierarchy

It helps keep a close tab of all the varied sales roles in an organization in line with the reporting hierarchy. allows creation of one tier; multiple tiered hierarchy on the basis of the size of the organization.

Control data access rights

Usually, users are not allowed to delete any data from but with permission, they can perform many tasks which are restricted to admin only.

Measuring effectiveness of campaigns with campaign management tool

It allows the users to plan and track the campaigns, which comprises of planning a campaign, developing the mailing, creating the templates, etc. You can

  • Create your own campaign or choose from the existing template.
  • Associate other records to any campaign.
  • Add multiple contacts to a single campaign.
  • Add one lead or contact to different campaigns.

Lead scoring to check interest and prioritize leads

Giving score to leads on the basis of demographic, firmographic and cross-channel behaviors to bring improvement in client engagement and follow-up.

Quick alerts

Reminding the users and hierarchy about the follow ups/pending follow ups / re-assigning of leads via email/sms and also web sign up notifications to admin.

Empowering salesforce with dashboard reports and adhoc reporting tool

Easy to use report designer that allows users to develop them as per their requirement. Also, availability of printing and delivery options for various stakeholders.

Business customization allows you to work smarter and faster

As businesses evolve every passing day, it is possible to carry out customizations as and when required. Now it is possible to design and automate any business process and workflows without any hassle.

Access data from anywhere, anytime with

Easy access to client data, comprising of all customizations. Its free to download and runs on all smartphone devices.

Keeping tab of what's happening in business

Management want to feel the pulse of the business every moment like knowing what people are working on, status of deals and how satisfied clients are with the operations. Creating of reports within a time span of few minutes as they run on live data.

Easy display of desired data

offers granular security along with specified sharing rules to let the admin decide which users view what information and bring modifications in the available data.

Increase in client retention levels

Apart from improving the net quality of client experiences and service, 'retention' gains focus with improved understanding of typical client life cycle.

Decline in costs with higher business revenue

offers different avenues for lowering of costs by bringing improvement in client service, lowering in administrative activities, etc. By creation of benchmarks in this areas and carrying out quarterly or annual reviews, the displayed figures can be used for assessing ROI.

Elimination of operational pain points

Identifying the places or points where your operations are inefficient and boosting revenues.

Driving more personalized marketing campaigns

Strengthening of marketing initiatives with the help of more customer centric and relevant information.

Using loop intelligence

Identifying which channels, messages, leads, campaigns and accounts have been successful in the highest lead conversions and opportunity wins.

Efficient lead tracking

Alignment of sales for timely coordination of processes, multi touch follow ups along with monitoring of leads activity throughout the sales pipeline.

Shortening of sales cycle

When only the qualified leads, that have displayed interest in your products, can come for the further sales follow ups, automatically the sales cycle will shorten down. It means working on leads become more efficient along with more closing of deals.

Up to date data

No more worrying about maintaining multiple set of data.

Usage of data mining techniques

Effectively using data mining tactics to learn more about the clients and develop efficient marketing strategies to raise sales and bring down costs.

Sales forecasting

Visualizing and interpreting deal activity based on sales pipeline activity.

Quick create lead form

This neat form is available right in homepage. No need of navigating to 'create lead' tab specifically for creating a new lead.

User friendly command bar and simplified navigation

Navigation has been successfully simplified to few commands with multiple options to choose from.

Personalizing customer service and database marketing

Categorizing client profiles with certain behaviours that can be later utilized for focusing on cost efficient promotional activities.

Affordable and customizable pricing

It is powerful enough for big enterprises but at the same time it is appealing for startups as well.

One platform to sell for people always 'on the go'

We follow the motto 'connect, capture, contact, convert'. It helps do business anytime, anywhere apart from assisting seamless capturing of new leads, keeping tab of leads, etc.

Networking made quick and easy

Now scanning of QR Code and capture business cards is possible with sales CRM .

Security Management

Easily creating of different roles/hierarchy. It helps accessing varied functionalities in the system.

Multiple deployment options to choose from

Sales CRM can be deployed on premises, as Saas model or on client's private cloud.

Who we are?

Welcome to the world of Sales CRM [Lead]Prime and improve the way you sale products/services/solutions. Now, bid adieu to complex CRM software with [Lead]Prime. No more difficult learning curve for pushing growth of your business. All teams can be aligned on a single system within minutes.

Make your business work with sales CRM [Lead]Prime!!!

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