Case Study on Telecom Industry

Company Profile

Hyderabad-based XYZ India is a famous dealer of telecom products in India. They are also the authorized dealers of National Panasonic India Ltd and also deal in their essential telephone systems, faxes, telephones, cordless phones, etc. They have been associated with over 3500 customers across the country and also named as one of the most prominent telecom product dealers.

They have been honoured with quite a few awards for their quality and kind of telecom products offered.


XYZ India wanted to bring on board such a CRM that could manage numerous web queries, emails and text messages. In the current times, the company had client web based inquiries presently stand at 1, 00,000 per month and it is growing at a significant number every month.

The rising competition in the international market has tremendously impacted the process of acquiring new clients, which makes it important for determining the exact churn rates.

The company has stated that the increasing client number was overwhelming the sales and service delivery teams. Some of the common problems faced by the company were -

  • Sales team was still using the age old excel spreadsheets to keep tab of their leads and hence, data was not getting consolidated into a central database.
  • Facing difficulty in keeping track of the proposal approval status.
  • Unable to efficiently keep tab of the conversion rates of the marketing initiatives into the prospective sales opportunities.
  • Management was not able to maintain 360 degree view of the performance of the sales reps.

Our Solutions

XYZ India had embarked on a transformational change to bring improvement in its client focus by developing capabilities to understand the different clients' requirements and also offer customized service across various touchpoints. It decided to join hands with sales CRM LeadPrime as it offered scope for bringing transformation and insight into client requirements, behavior and also value.

Sales CRM LeadPrime was installed on premises for XYZ India to ensure data security and data theft.

  • Easy incorporation of all client details in one system.
  • User friendly interface and customized fields for making the process of data entry quick.
  • Ensuring efficient sales lead management available from different sources.
  • Intuitive reporting tools available which allow the users to develop charts and also customized reports which offer the management 360 view of the sales accounts.
  • Customization of the fields and modules for making data entry an easier process apart from carrying necessary changes in the sales processes for leads, etc.
  • Helping the sales people to answer the clients' queries and also resorting to immediate action. Consistent integration with the different platforms of the company for ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Complete integration for client data within the organization.
  • Increasing the profitability ratio by keeping track of the market response rates, successful engaging of the new clients, strengthening of cross selling and up selling opportunities.


Mostly communications organizations are facing tough times to maintain the operating costs low. Despite striving hard, mostly of them faced the crisis of rising the client share, customer retention rate and also strengthening of the revenue with new service expansion. This is also one of the reasons why many telecom players are investing in CRM strategies and software as they have been found to be helpful in easily controlling the client turnover ratio successfully. A good CRM solution has potential to offer telecom firms with the competitive advantage by supplying the necessary tools to evaluate the profitable clients.

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