Real Estate  Case Study

Sales CRM can be used in all the different aspects such as commercial, residential and industrial of the Real Estate sector.

Sales CRM has the potential to play an important role in the results driven sector of commercial and residential reality industry. After carrying out much analysis, this coveted marketing automation software has developed their solution especially for the real estate brokers and agents so that the workflow processes are streamlined with the aim to attain the best results. can easily manage the complete team of agents and brokers along with different other aspects of a real estate company. ensures that your company never loses track of the business plan by keeping a close tab of the tracking listings, investments, accounts, presentations and also the leads/contacts.

Property Management
  • also plays the role of a real estate investment management by keeping track of the investments and also the loan processes within a single solution. Now, managing the contact details and maintaining the complete history of these interactions can be utilized for deciding the course of future investment processes.
  • Sales CRM can play the role of loan management software by monitoring the present loan processes with a quick look at the previous loan trends so that the best avenues can be explored. The realty brokers and agents can take a complete look into the lender information for any desired time span.
  • Keeping a close track of the cases, loan status along with the lender details within one single system which means you don't need to feed the same information more than once. With one click, you are able to see all relevant information and also make changes in it.
  • also plays the role of business plan management as it offers 360 degree view of the business which leads to quick project management and streamlining of workflow processes. Moreover, maintaining a complete history of all the different projects, contacts, tasks and different campaigns/ promotional activities can be stored and quick referencing can be done. Automated workflow processes such as task routing and automatic notifications can be done.
  • Many of our real estate clients have said that 'contact management' is also part of this sales CRM. Managing and also contacting any leads becomes easy as all contacts are stored in one particular space from where you can email individuals, send mass emails, schedule phone calls and timed faxes. There is no requirement to work with multiple real estate contact management software when you are using sales CRM . With a single login, it becomes possible to view all schedules, tasks and also events which are associated with a particular contact along with looking at the full history comprising of marketing and contact information.

So, you must give a shot to our affordably priced sales CRM by using our free trial account evaluation process. During the trial period, you don't need to download any software. We would also like to inform you that all the upgrades are comprised in the trial version and are sent to the existing users multiple times per year.

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