Case Study on Real Estate Industry

Company Profile

Hyderabad-based Aditya Construction Company is considered as the largest real estate player in Southern part of India. They provide a complete list of services comprising of leasing, property management, corporate services and solutions. As of March 2014, Aditya Construction Company' portfolio comprised of more than 1 million square feet of office, industrial, retail and multi-family property.

As Aditya Construction Company's business started to register rapid expansion, they realized the urgent requirement for effective sales CRM to easily manage their growing number of projects, strengthening customer base and calculation of ROI.

Their challenges

Aditya Construction Company complained that its past CRM solution lacked flexibility in its approach and failed to suit their business needs. They faced quite a few challenges, which made them to turn to sales CRM .

Unable to monitor the agent progress

Aditya Construction Company were not able to measure their agents' success on individual basis to offer commission splits on monthly basis.

Low user adoption

The previous CRM was not at all user friendly for the sales reps as they faced lot of difficulty in feeding their business processes in the new system.

Absence of mobile access

The absence of a mobile app in the last CRM solution prevented the users of Aditya Construction Company from enjoying quick and easy access to all their data while on the move.

No option for customization of features

Aditya Construction Company are looking for a sales CRM solution that could match up to the requirements of the company by offering scope for customization apart from easily integrating with their present processes.

Absence of a unified database

Aditya Construction Company's business processes were scattered across various platforms such as Google Docs, Excel sheets, mobile phones, etc which made difficult to keep a tab on the essential details.

Disbursement of mass email campaigns

Aditya Construction Company required a quick and easy way to send emails to their existing customers and prospective clients.

Our solutions

Sales CRM understood the problem areas of Aditya Construction Company and after carrying out one-on-one consulting, a tailor made solution was designed to suit their needs.

Clean central database

After , it became possible for Aditya Construction Company to house all of their unorganized data all under one roof. It has proven helpful in tracking everything from their contacts/leads, listings, follow ups, etc.

Measuring ROI to help management

Keeping a close tab of the agents' performance for calculating ROI on weekly/monthly basis.

Property management

implemented a tracking system for Aditya Construction Company to display the amount of interest of both the current and prospective customers around a specific product.

Customization of the workflow

To increase the intuitive experience among the users, permitted assignment of specific rules that would update information about Aditya Construction Company's products on timely basis.

Within a month of implementation, 's easy to use and effective solution has helped Aditya Construction Company attain the following -

  • Email marketing success rate went up by about 25% with the introduction of .
  • Improvement in time management for agents.
  • Rise in productivity with the introduction of automated processes.
  • Mobile access ensures quick on-the-go data viewing for any smartphone, tablet, laptop or even desktop computer. Communication in real time becomes possible.
  • Dramatic rise in sales performance and also remarketing of old leads, resulting in 30% rise in revenue.
  • Increase in collaboration across the company and prevention of duplication of data.

After came on board, Aditya Construction Company is finally able to focus on value-added marketing responsibilities. The biggest benefit for Aditya Construction Company, however, has been 's automated lead distribution process which allowed the agents/brokers to work on a mix of new and old leads both at the same time.

Aditya Construction Company appreciates most about is the ability to customize data to fulfill her requirements. After they started using , Aditya Construction Company are now able to create reports on the basis of available data to analyze the performance of sales and marketing teams.

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