Case Study on Pharmaceutical Industry

Company Profile

ABC India is a Delhi-based healthcare company engaged in advanced medical nutrition in India and is also looking for quick expansion of its services. The company develops markets and also sells medical nutrition related products. As an important player, the company holds interactions with different stakeholders comprising of nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, health specialties, Doctors, patients, etc.


With the industry undergoing numerous rapid changes along with the growing pressures in maintaining the same pace as the healthcare providers in regard to the recent technology, the company needs a better way for managing their technology training and support efforts across India.

The group visits different physicians and clinics on regular basis, keeping the tab of the communications, training activities, contact information and follow up emerges as a difficult task. Despite using excel spreadsheets and Microsoft word for managing their training activities, keeping tab of the regular work started to become little unmanageable.

The company was eyeing to bring on board a CRM that will be able to better manage their contact details, interactions apart from maintaining coordination among everyone.

Our Solutions

ABC India closely evaluated about 25-30 CRM tools before it decided to opt for sales CRM LeadPrime, which was able to fit well with the spirit of the company.

It became clear that bringing on board LeadPrime that offered scope for mobile solution was one of the most important factors for attaining success of the CRM implementation.

It was found that using a mobile device has helped in proving beneficial for bringing improvement in client conversations.

  • Significant jump in productivity levels
    Since most of the staff was not used to computers, offering a user friendly CRM was an absolute must. The usage level reached all-time high of 85% with LeadPrime along with witnessing rise in productivity levels.
  • Quick implementation
    Field agents were able to capture client information through their smart phones easily. The software is so easy to use that even with minimalistic technical knowledge it can used.
  • No duplication of data possible along with bringing improvement in accessing power for staff.
  • High level of client management in place.
  • Bringing improvement in accountability and also reducing administrative workload.

ABC India selected sales CRM LeadPrime for being capable enough to offer a seamless platform.

Who we are?

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