Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a possible way to rank clients and also the prospects in regard to their likelihood to display a certain kind of behavior like buying a new product, open to the concept of cross sell offer, etc. Lead scoring feature is an excellent way to prioritize different aspects such as time and efforts for other opportunities.

It has been found that scoring permits the users to find which clients are interested in your products/ services/solutions and also ready to buy from you. It also helps you to quickly decide which are the ones are most interesting and how soon you want to get in touch with them. If you get higher scores, it means that the client is most likely to purchase from you.

Sales CRM permits you to give both positive and negative scores on the basis of different dimensions such as :

  • Region or location, industry type.
  • Behavior such as visiting the webpage, opening of email, etc.
  • Scoring on the basis of product.
  • Disinterest towards a particular campaign or promotional activity.

has the potential to keep a close track of the client's behaviors along with the web activity which helps deciding their level of interest. This ensures that their clients focus on the most appropriate opportunities. Now, it is possible for sales team to close more deals and get best ROI with lead scoring feature.

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