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Company profile

Hyderabad-based XYZ Insurance limited is a major insurance sector player in South India. Set up in 2000, the company enjoys more than a decade of experience in the domain which helps in offering formidable protection to its clients' future.

Xyz Insurance has made significant contribution to the growth and development of the life insurance industry in India and is presently ranked among top 10 players of the state.


To support the rising count of agents, XYZ Insurance wanted a technology solution that offered the tools crucial for the management of important business processes. Additionally, since the agents are independent contractors that purchase and maintain their own connectivity, they use a variety of different smartphones. Hnec, they needed a tool that would be required to work on multiple smartphone operating systems apart from offering a consistently productive, efficient working experience for all sales agents.

Our solutions

With a strong grasp of its business needs, XYZ Insurance looked into the CRM market to find the most effective solution. The company went for sales CRM for its option of an on-premise deployment, ease of integration, and intuitive user interface. Some of the key benefits of implementation have been -

  • Unified client data in one single system to offer a complete picture of the company's relationship with the customers.
  • Easy collection and integration of data from different sources.
  • Complete visibility of sales pipeline information.
  • Categorize, analyze and communicate with customers on the basis of the specific information and needs.
  • Easy to create campaigns that helps in enhancing ROI.
  • Keeping a close tab of the agents, brokers by the management.
  • Create workflow processes that ensure consistency.
  • Improving the follow up process with the potential clients.
  • Prompt attention to the client calls.
  • Automates the complete client lifecycle.

Insurance companies witness many types of pressures in the present times. With the rise in customer mobility, the importance of maintaining and developing existing customers is gaining importance. Sales CRM helped XYZ Insurance to attract, retain and delight more customers. At the same time, it proved beneficial for the growth of the business as well.

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