Case study on financial sector

Company profile

Mumbai based ABC Financial services is a forex brokerage company. It offers access to fair, competitive and transport pricing across the varied currency pairs by offering help to the traders with the best-in-class trading technology and client service.


ABC Financial services were looking for a solution to lower the data entry process, automate email marketing and effective lead tracking. Their present solutions were capturing client details and manually entering it into the CRM. With ABC Financial services witnessing strong growth, data integration or data capturing became more like a full time task for the users.

With the ambitious growth plans, ABC Financial Services came to the conclusion that they require a new CRM tool urgently. Despite using a CRM and with no easy way to adapt the system, ABC Financial Services started their search for a CRM that could help them to grow.

Our solutions

ABC Financial Services' looked at various CRM solutions comprising the top names of the industry. But, they chose sales CRM hands down for its extensive features, ample scope for customization and pricing.

Due to the nature of ABC Financial Services' business, the company wanted a CRM system that has the capability to manage every single part of their business, from the sales team to marketing team. It required the full spectrum of CRM functionality so that it has the ability to manage a complete database of people and organisations, review the relationships between those records; monitor and manage prospecting.

  • 360°customer overview offers clear view of all important data regarding clients.
  • Company-wide uniform customer data offers uniform view of the customer.
  • User friendly interface ensures all data can be evaluated company-wide.
  • Offers reporting flexibility for all data available in the system.
  • data export into excel provides scope for additional analysis.
  • Quick categorization of the sales processes in regard to the financial products.
  • Prompt handling of assigned tasks.
  • Campaign management helps you to maintain an overview of all campaigns.
  • Defining target groups very easily, without technical knowledge.
  • Easy storing of campaigns as templates and thus re-used in future.

implementation has bought major improvement in traction, processes, customer awareness and also ABC Financial Services' ability to cross-sell and up-sell. The company is in a position to manage its clients effectively, monitor their performance apart from easily training them. The company's efficiency and productivity levels have touched all time high after implementation.

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