Email processing through 's email synchronization

Email synchronization with is not just fast and easy but also the most efficient way to synergize your email correspondence with deals in your sales pipeline. supports various emails services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook mail, etc.

The email syncing is carried out in such a manner that your mail will never be visible to anyone, comprising of your team members. Also, you are allowed to sent mails in bulk.

Centralize email communications with sales leads

email synchronization ensures that all the communications sent and received by the sales agent and lead both apart from storing them in the 'activity history' for future reference.

Now, you don't have to waste any more time in locating the CRM contacts and the email details of leads while composing any email. The moment you enter the email address, the auto suggestion list will take count of the CRM contacts. Alternately, you can also search for any contact in your address book. In one word, your inbox is adequate in its operations and also complete.

Inbox brings all emails at one place

's elegant interface has been developed with the aim to help the sales team manage leads efficiently by carrying out interactions at the right time. The sophisticated capabilities have been integrated in a manner to strengthen the outbound processes.

No add - ins or local software required for capturing incoming & outgoing emails.

All the above mentioned features are available in email only along with sales CRM . So now save time in switching between your CRM and email.

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Welcome to the world of Sales CRM [Lead]Prime and improve the way you sale products/services/solutions. Now, bid adieu to complex CRM software with [Lead]Prime. No more difficult learning curve for pushing growth of your business. All teams can be aligned on a single system within minutes.

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