These days, the education sector players are witnessing not just economic pressures but also capital crisis. Companies are looking for solutions so that they are able to control costs while offering high quality services to the clients. Support services are needed that are able to handle growing number of staffs with fewer resources available in hand. Sales CRM is in a position to offer strong insight into the different aspects of the corporate and alumni relations, measure the performance of the students and teachers, etc.

is able to bring down the costs and bring considerable improvement in the productivity levels. The flexibility of deployment choices - either on premises or in the cloud - has helped position itself as a strong market leader in Education industry.

Education Management System

Keeping track of the recruitment and admissions process

Sales CRM is able to target the different market initiatives towards the potential students, apart from keeping a close tab of any event attendance along with the rating the success rate of marketing campaigns. Automating the recruitment cycle, comprising of potential student record management, funnel reporting, and communication through email apart from tracking, online admissions applications and also web based forms for carrying out inquiry.

Streamlining the evaluation process for teachers

Getting rid of the paper processes and streamlining of tasks for appointing the best available resource as the faculty members.

Strengthening student life cycle management

As now, more students are engaged in social networking activities than before; is taking advantage of this opportunity by enriching their interactions with the help of more personalized marketing communication initiatives.

Improving client service

makes sure that the help desks are able to carry out operations in an efficient manner so that requests are routed across teams for high quality services. It also helps raise awareness and drive participation by strengthening the communication related activities between academic institutions, parents, students, etc.

So, are you ready to take the next steps towards offering better and improved support to the students fraternity, then it is time you bring on board a sales CRM that will be able to strengthen your position and help serve better. We guarantee that the student enrolment yield will go up significantly by using . Just contact us for a free trial account at to know more about .

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